It was four days of demos, sessions, workshops, more demos, happy hours, and then a few more demos. Dreamforce 2018 came and went in a flash, but quite a bit happened this year for the DocuSign Developer team. Heading into the week, we were excited to be showing up as a Peta Sponsor – the highest possible Trailhead sponsorship available — and even so, we were overflowing with demo requests. We showcased new innovations for DocuSign for Salesforce, demoed DocuSign Gen preview and innovation from our new DocuSign company, SpringCM, and even ran hands-on tutorials on-site. But that’s not all. Let’s walk through the week.

What We Were Discussing
Well, Salesforce, of course. DocuSign for Salesforce was the name of the game this week. With DocuSign for Salesforce, you can accelerate contract turnaround times and simplify the customer experience. The number one eSignature app on the AppExchange, it is highly customizable – from workflow automation to custom buttons – and never requires you to leave the familiar environment of Salesforce.

Yes, we chatted about Salesforce code examples and our devs pitched their favorite features, but what we were particularly excited to discuss was our new DocuSign for Salesforce Apex Toolkit. Released just in time for Dreamforce, our new Apex Toolkit enables you to easily and quickly develop custom Salesforce solutions that use DocuSign technology like never before. The Apex Toolkit is a set of predefined Apex methods, classes, and utilities that encapsulate a set of the DocuSign eSignature API functionality. Similar to an SDK, the toolkit enables you to integrate DocuSign and Salesforce functionality into your Apex code. In fact, we built our new DocuSign for Salesforce – Core managed package (currently in preview) with the Apex Toolkit. It’s an enhancement of the current DocuSign for Salesforce, and works with both Salesforce and Salesforce Essentials. To get a preview of the Apex Toolkit, read the reference docs, see DocuSign for Salesforce guides, and get code examples, visit the DocuSign for Salesforce page in our Developer Center.

And with SpringCM recently joining the DocuSign family, we had a demo station to show off all the ways you can now integrate DocuSign with Salesforce, including document generation and management through the SpringCM platform.