We are a team of industry experts that provide strategic recruitment and total talent advice to startup companies. We guide our clients in creating the most efficient recruitment models for their business. With offices around the world, we have the international vision and experience needed to address your recruitment challenges, particularly the delicate balance of talent within a project-driven environment. Our deep industry knowledge, meaningful insights and broad range of capabilities provide an unparalleled source of strength for our clients as they optimize their company’s recruitment model.

Step by step our superior consulting services work with you to determine the optimal recruitment model for your particular business. Our process begins by reviewing your current model to identify what areas are thriving and which are not with respect to segmentation and quality of talent, speed of hiring, recruiting costs, service, employer brand, technology and reporting.

From there, hand-in-hand we work with you to develop a new model or suggest enhancements to your existing one. Whatever the need, we’ll work in tandem to create a best-in-class recruiting function and train your team to effectively manage it on an ongoing basis.

Strategic recruitment reviews

Our team will work with you to perform an impartial review of all your current talent sources. The goal is to ensure you reach a balance of total talent to grow your business in the most efficient and sustainable manner. We carry out strategic and operational reviews of your existing recruitment processes, candidate management systems and team capability.

Talent Strategy & Workforce Planning

From providing an understanding of the talent you possess, identifying the skills you will need, determining market availability and how best to engage that talent, we are prepared to help you optimize your business.

Analysis of existing recruitment models

These are conducted in close collaboration with clients, while considering the impact on the hiring managers, the candidates and the employer brand. We undertake an audit of current operations and suppliers for compliance and efficiency optimization.

Market analysis

Our market analysis is designed to help you formulate a strategy on how to run your business. By considering strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, we can help you maximize your businesses assets while fortifying identified limitations.

Talent acquisition programs

It is critical that the methodologies used to attract talent and fill positions are strategic in nature, efficient in execution, cost effective, and produce the desired results as measured by all. As such, we conduct a detailed review of current processes and methodologies with the goal of identifying opportunities for improvement on approach, execution and results.

Building and maintaining talent pools

We urge our clients to view recruiting as a proactive process. This is accomplished by building and maintaining a candidate pipeline for their business, having top-level candidates at the ready, and finally by improving the candidate quality thereby reducing the time it takes for our clients to hire.


Utilizing our team of experts, coupled with our extensive experience we’re able to provide our clients with a knowledgeable industry voice. This is required to validate their compensation structure against their talent pool, develop compensation plans and to assess their company in comparison to the rest of the market.

Global mobility

We understand that some of the most talent candidates won’t simply visit job boards nor will they submit their resumes. Instead, they will have to be sought out and may live half-way around the world. That is why we offer guidance in the policies required to relocate potential employees and how to find talent in new locations.

Future model design

As the hiring and recruiting landscape constantly evolves, we assist our clients in future-proofing their approach. We have become experts in workforce planning and on advising our clients about potential upcoming talent problems and opportunities.